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The Sator-Rotas Square is an ancient charm of great power and mystery. The earliest example was discovered scratched on a wall in the buried city of Pompeii and dated back to the first century AD.
Although used by early Christian Mystics as a magical charm the square has surfaced in cultures and religions all over the world. Because of the hidden anagram, Pater Noster. The square was originally thought to be of Christian design, but there is now strong evidence that it predates Christianity by a considerable margin and refers to the ancient God, Mithras.
The Sator-Rotas Square has numerous magical properties and is a powerful charm to protect the bearer from evil spirits. Each time you access this site you banish evil from your home and bring strong blessings to your life. Carried with you the charm will protect you from disease and misfortune as well as bringing you strength and power. Where this charm hangs on the wall, no evil can enter.

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